What's An ArtShop?

On a smaller scale than GSA’s Summer Program, ArtShops provide a similar immersion experience. Each fall, GSA schedules workshops in communities throughout Kentucky.  The purpose of these ArtShops is to provide high school freshmen, sophomores and juniors with the opportunity to spend a day in a facility close to their hometown in a hands-on arts enrichment opportunity.  Students must be residents of Kentucky and attend a Kentucky high school or home school.
There is a registration fee of $10.00 for students to supplement the overall cost of the ArtShop. Free and reduced lunch registrants have the opportunity to opt out of the registration fee. Payment information is included in the registration form.

Parents, teachers, counselors and other friends of GSA do not pay a registration fee but are welcome to attend as well.**
Workshops are conducted by the region’s most outstanding teaching artists in nine arts disciplines that include architecture + design, creative writing, dance, drama, instrumental music, musical theatre, film + photography, visual art and vocal music.  Students also learn about the GSA summer program, audition and application procedures, as well as other arts opportunities in their area. 

Parents, teachers, and counselors are encouraged to attend a short studio tour during the ArtShop. Later in the afternoon, GSA staff cover the specifics of the summer program during an information session.


Participation in ArtShops does not affect a student’s chance of being accepted into the GSA summer program, but it can help a student be more prepared for a GSA audition/review.  Please note there is a separate application process for GSA’s Summer Program.


** GSA is in the process of obtaining EILA credit hours for teacher ArtShop participation