Website Re-architecture Request for Proposal


Design and build new architecture for a fully responsive front end for the Kentucky Center website(s).

We are satisfied with the overall current visual and navigational elements of the existing site. We are looking to add new sections of the site that focus on patron engagement with the focus on content. Further, the re-architected site needs to either incorporate a new section of the site OR a new site needs to be created under the Kentucky Center umbrella for the new Paristown music venue – scheduled to open in summer, 2019.

  1. Ticket Sales
  2. Patron engagement on full site, from programming to KC mission programs such as education/outreach
  3. Donations and Memberships

Main patron demographics are 45-64+ mix of male/female. The new Paristown venue will be focused on Millennials and will therefore need to have its own distinctive, look, feel and navigation.

The majority of our ticket sales (60-65%) are through the web.

New functionality to be implemented:
  1. New section of the site within solely dedicated to the Paristown venue OR new Paristown site (TBD)
  2. Creation of a ‘Watch & Listen’ top navigation section to include content: video, photo galleries, links to artist reviews/articles/blogs
  3. Moving from single ticket sales to shopping cart for multi-sales (already in process, internally)
  4. Gift certificate sales (already in process, internally)
  5. Membership section – Levels, fees and benefits
  1. Ticket sales for five different theatres in three locations across downtown and Paristown. Many ticket buyers are unaware the Brown Theatre is in a separate location. Patrons will show up at The KC for Brown Theatre shows. This will only become more of an issue when Paristown opens. KC also occasionally sells tickets for other random locations, such as The Galt House or the Kentucky Center lobby.

    Venue - Theater list:

    1. The Kentucky Center –
      1. Whitney Hall
      2. Bomhard Theater
      3. MeX Theater
      4. Todd Hall
    2. Brown Theatre
    3. Paristown (summer, 2019 opening)
  2. Theater views (view from seats/sections) / seating charts
  3. Ticket Fees - make buyer aware why there are fees which ties into our mission
  4. Membership sales and donations
Proposal Requirements:

  1. What is your experience working with performing arts organizations? Cite examples and links.
  2. How would you handle the multi-venue issue with Kentucky Center being the umbrella organization?
  3. How would you approach redesigning the home page to add the new features and additional navigation elements?
  1. Sitemap(s)
  2. Wireframes
  3. Visual Design (web pages as images and/or PSD)
  4. Front-End Development:
  1. Fully functional responsive page components and layout
  2. Valid and cross browser compliant HTML/CSS/Javascript   
  3. Accessible – Section 508 compliance

Expected completion of the re-architected site would be September 1, 2018

Kentucky Center Technologies

Enterprise Application

Tessitura - Tessitura is used by performing arts and cultural organizations to manage their activities in ticketing, fundraising, customer relationship management, and marketing. The Tessitura web API exposes existing Tessitura functionality as .NET web services, enabling the integration of core Tessitura capabilities and data into licensee organization websites.

Content Management System

Sitefinity -  a modern ASP.NET Web CMS, delivering intuitive web content management for business professionals, robust CMS development environment and rich end user experience. The Kentucky Center website uses Tessitura and Sitefinity to create, store, manage, and present content.


The Kentucky Center website and Sitefinity CMS is hosted on a dedicated server in the FullControl Network data center. The Tessitura application is hosted by the Tessitura Network in a cloud environment.

Languages / Frameworks

.NET 4.5, C#, CSS, HTML, Transact-SQL, jQuery, Google Analytics (Tag Manager, Enhanced Ecommerce, Adwords), AddThis

Kentucky Center Web Project Team

Mike Porto, VP, Marketing & Communications – Creative Director, overall project lead
Chip Hunt, Senior Web Developer
Rob Schmidlapp, Director of IT